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Gaining Losses

Written by: Myesha Phukan

Edited by: Chloe Chen and Wendy Zheng

ravaged battlefields

form among places we

used to sit and laugh in

places where we used to

sleep, without

the threat

of raining bombs

or the sounds of shelling

white flowers sprout

in the fertile soil

drenched with the blood of our people

teddy bears sit untouched on a nightstand,

gathering dust

longing for the touch of their owners who

fled in a whisper,

leaving trails of unshed tears

and quelled screams

hushed by towering tanks,

weapons held at the ready

a blazing fire spreads

from city to city

swallowing them whole,

turning a blind eye to the calls

for it to be doused


the final score reads,

gains: 0

losses: too many to count

when war tears us apart,

bit by bit,

piece by piece,

the only thing it gains

are losses

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